Flash sound/audio not working in Google Chrome – Ubuntu 12.10

Sooo, here’s a little problem that was driving me nuts. Namely: No audio in Chrome.

No sound on YouTube you cry!? (No idea – can’t hear you,  my sound’s broken).

After setting up my new system, I found that flash worked perfectly on everything – and then I installed Chrome. I’m a big fan of Google’s Chrome browser and as much as I do like Mozilla’s Firefox, I’m a creature of habit and wanted a fix for this atrocity ASAP…if for nothing more than hours of pointless YouTube ‘epic fails’ and ‘funny animals’ browsing.

Here’s what worked for me, but I’ll walk through a few things that didn’t.

1. Edit your plugins list.

Type chrome://plugins/ into your Chrome browser’s address bar.

Identify the details tab on the right hand side of the page, click it and scroll down to Adobe Flash Player :

Screenshot from 2013-04-13 01:56:30

If you have more than one version installed, disable the version with the type PPAPI, leaving you with something akin to the image below. Keep the one with the NPAPI type enabled – if you’re really desperate, try the other way around (haven’t heard anyone say it works this way around though!).

Just a side note – many have reported that this works…it made no difference for me and both are currently enabled in my plugins directory.

Screenshot from 2013-04-13 01:55:18

2.  Make sure your sound is working properly.

Locate the volume icon at the top right hand corner of your screen.

Screenshot from 2013-04-13 02:04:55

Open the sound settings from the drop-down menu and you should see the following:

Screenshot from 2013-04-13 02:07:22

Play around with different audio adapters to see if your sound will start working. It does seem like common sense, but check to see that your sound is working in general by playing some offline media such as a DvD. When I installed Ubuntu 12.10, I automatically assumed an issue with FlashPlayer alone due to not having any sound when playing YouTube videos – I then realised that I had incorrectly configured my replacement sound card and had no sound at all – Whups! After this pretty sizeable fail, I was able to see that Flash was indeed not playing audio…but that I shouldn’t blame Firefox just because Chrome was playing silly-buggers.

Also, this add-on from the software centre fixed a sound card issue I was having in case you are experiencing similar issues:

Screenshot from 2013-04-13 02:15:57

(Its star-rating suggests that not many other people had a use for it) – moving on swiftly!

3. Blow the whole lot up…

So, none of the above was working for me – I trust you will do the following at your own risk. This is what worked – following the principles of a typically Microsoft ethos: Uninstall it, reinstall it and reboot.

>> Open the terminal (CTRL + ALT + T)

>> Type the following:

Screenshot from 2013-04-13 01:24:43

This will get rid of flash, but it will be lingering in the Chrome plugins folder – I had three versions installed at one point. Many people have commented that PepperFlash might be causing the problem, so I took out that folder:

sudo rm -R /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash

This folder will eventually be replaced, but removed it to be safe.

sudo rm /opt/google/chrome/plugins/libflashplayer.so

Now open the Ubuntu software centre (on the task bar or search in the dash):

Screenshot from 2013-04-11 00:26:49

Click the drop-down next to the “installed” tab showing an image of a computer and select the “Google” menu option.

Screenshot from 2013-04-13 02:31:16

Select the Chrome browser and remove it.

Screenshot from 2013-04-13 02:32:20

Now search under installed in general and delete Firefox, and FlashPlayer, along with any flash components you may have installed. Some forum posts reported that firefox may have been causing the issues.

>> Reboot 

Now reinstall Chrome, Firefox and FlashPlayer from the Ubuntu software centre – Load Chrome and test a random YouTube video and listen to see if your sound has started working. Hopefully at some point during this post, your sound will have returned.

However, if this is not the case and you’re really at your wits end – either learn to love Firefox that little bit more or you could always install Chromium – the beauty of Chrome with a bit more versatility for developers and never had this issue on my system.


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